“Molly’s Game”: Behind the Scenes, Stills & Posters

New photos of posters (one French), stills and behind the scenes of Molly’s Game were published. And you can see them in our gallery.

Also during the SCAD Film Festival, Aaron Sorkin, director of Molly’s Game, revealed that Chastain and Elba had no time to rehearse for the movie due to budget and time constraints.

“We shot the movie in 49 days: Monday through Fridays. “When the movie really needed 60. So you have to get creative, you don’t have as much rehearsal as you’d like. And, with the scenes between Jessica and Idris in those offices—which are seven, eight, nine page scenes with dense language—the most important element there is rehearsal.”

The Molly’s Game was supposed to open this Thanksgiving, but its release date was moved to a limited release on Christmas Day (December 25). Originally, the launch of STX Entertainment was expected to be extended on November 22, but will now be launched during the holiday season (January 5) to stimulate word of mouth in the heat of the awards season.

Films > (2017) Molly’s Game > Posters & Covers

Films > (2017) Molly’s Game > Production Stills

Films > (2017) Molly’s Game > Behind The Scenes

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